Omaha has all the elements for a thriving fine arts scene - great galleries; an eclectic mix of artists, from emerging talent to some internationally-renowned names; a healthy economy; a large concentration of arts patrons; and a hip downtown.

But a thriving arts scene doesn’t happen by accident. You have to seamlessly bring buyers and sellers together and generate enough momentum to propel the scene forward.

The Chelsea model, also adopted very successfully in Kansas City and other cities across the country, brings all the pieces together through “First Friday” gallery walks. The idea is simple - get all the galleries in town to put their muscle behind big shows on the first Friday of every month. The crowds follow. People who love art buy art. Artists don’t starve. Galleries grow. The cultural fabric of the city gets a little more vibrant. Everybody wins.

You drive 50 miles west on I-80 and you’ll find the model already thriving in Lincoln.

So, why not here?

Let’s make it happen.

Gallery Opening Listings:

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